Plein Air Abstraction at the Foothills of the Catskill Mountains

Like a number of composers and other artists, Susan Sommer enjoys working out of doors, where the sounds and rhythms of the wind, the birds and the other creatures and elements of nature suggest color relations and designs which form the basis of her synesthetic paintings. The best of these recent works have been collected in the limited edition book Plein Air Abstraction. Sommer’s work formed the basis of of an exhibition with the same title that was seen in California at the Riverside Art Museum in 2008. It was organized by the art critic Peter Frank who has also written on Sommer’s work. The book includes essays by Robert Metzger Ph. D. and by the artist.

This limited edition monograph, signed and numbered, is available for purchase at $65.00 (plus $5.00 S&H, and 8% Sales Tax for delivery in New York State.)

Susan Sommer Oils, Charcoal & Pastels

Susan Sommer Oils, Charcoal & Pastels
Bob Bianco,  Author (c) 1990 Barry Feinstein, Art Direction