Noted abstract landscape Hudson River Valley artist Susan Sommer is known for developing improvisational visual treatments and working with nature in fundamental ways on canvas or paper.

Paintings by Susan Sommer – Abstract Landscapes, Hudson Valley Artist

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Pattern, Power, Chaos and Quiet

February 22 – March 31, 2018

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Untitled • gouache on paper • 2016 • 11x14
Discrete Units II • oil on linen • 28 x 66 inches
Triangles in Green & Mauve Space • oil on board • 12 x16
Gouache II • gouache on paper • 11x14
Study in Blue Brown • oil on board • 20x16 inches
Yellow Mire • oil on linen • 36x48
Rocket II • oil on linen • 36x48
Study in Blue & Deep Brown • oil on board • 12x16 inches

“For close to four decades, Susan Sommer has been expressing her moods, observations, and insights in painting and drawing. She divides her time and her focus primarily in the Hudson Valley, New York City, and Los Angeles, California. Her work is at its most provocative when she develops an improvisational visual treatment of dance rhythms, gentle breezes, brisk winds and lyrical expressions on canvas or paper in color and design.”